Why Work with Us

When you join GCL, you align yourself to an exciting way of life – a work life that will see you realising your true spirit of seeking out challenges and enjoying the thrill of overcoming them.

The diversity of location, language and culture blends seamlessly into a common work ethos, which hinges on fostering excellence and rewarding growth.

Our Panchatatva values represents our “workplace culture” that goes beyond work and focuses on capability development alongside trust, teamwork and openness.

Our commitment to our people is reflected in the sense of their belonging and pride that every employee feels towards the company which is how they infuse passion and commitment in their work.

If you are excited in passion for excellence, innovation, creativity , equitable growth and wish to work in an environment that nurtures talent, then come- be a part of GCL family.

HR Vision
At Greaves our HR Vision is to build an open, transparent and vibrant organisation which is able to attract, reward, retain and develop talent which enables us to win in the market place.

HR Mission
Our HR Mission is to transform Human Resource Management by bringing best-in-class employee based HR policies and practices that foster a performance driven culture within the organisation.

We help employees imbibe Values critical to succeed in the daily chores of work.
Greaves lays special emphasis on the five Values that we believe and stand by. They are:
Integrity, Responsibility, Transparency, Passion for Excellence and Respect. They not only unify and bind us together to form an endearing and motivating environment, but also help us in taking day-today decisions.

We cultivate a culture of friendliness and candidness among employees through Social Get together and fun Initiatives.

We celebrate all the Birthdays of the month every last day of the month, festival celebrations, fun activities etc.
In addition, we keep updating and revisiting our policies frequently to suit employees’ needs and flexibility matching the contemporary and best-in class standards. Any updation on Policy is invariably communicated to the employees via Circulars and Emails.

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